Growing Young

Turning 37 today.

In my years as a grown adult, it has taken my adult life thus far to realize that: more is received when “the most” is surrendered. 2020 has helped me most of all to have the lens of a child. 

As adults we like to tight-grip-hold our knowledge, we boast in what we claim to KNOW. We often most appreciate when others acknowledge what we “know.” We will even argue as to why others don’t understand what we know.

Since my birthday last year, God revealed to me that if I would lay down claim to my knowledge (like a little child), that it would give room for Him to fill me up with “the good stuff.”  …dear Heavens, this has EXPLODED me into receiving the greater glory and manifestations of the works of God!!!!

If there is anything I’m so excited about for another year of living, it is to take on even less of myself — and so much more of sweet Jesus!  

I’m ready to lay down this claim to things of knowledge and let the Spirit light up and resume that space – all He wants!!

In the words of Lief Hetland “If you have God’s presence, you have everything. If you have everything and you don’t have His presence, you have nothing…”

My goal in this next year of my life is to successfully empty out Lindsey Labrum every calendar day of the year and ask the Holy Spirit to move in — and to move in BIG ways while He is there.

Because with less of me, He:

  • Loves Bigger
  • Prays deeper
  • Creates more
  • Presents peace
  • Resounds constant praise
  • Moves mountains
  • Restores hope
  • Flips tables
  • Sparks joy
  • Knows names
  • Sees innermost
  • Hears all
  • Reveals more
  • Laughs emphatically
  • Fights for me
  • Declares victory

These aren’t just words. These are God’s presence (present person, present Spirit) lit on fire. Living, active and working inside of me. And…. I abandoned myself for another 365 days for more of this, more of Him! 🔥

You see, “faith” like a child doesn’t pair well with knowledge, and how much we know worldly, theologically or otherwise. God, I want to abandon any thinking for HIGHER thoughts, Your thoughts and Your ways, today, tomorrow, and onward. Help me Lord.

Happy Birthday to me, that Jesus created me for MORE! My hope and prayer for you friend is that you go on your own discovery with Jesus. NOT “self discovery,” which is all too popular these days, NO… but discovery of “self abandon,” where all that is left for you to see or witness is when He is all that’s left standing, then we will look like ONE. We will look like thee ONE.

Published by Lindsey Labrum

About the website author: Since 2017 Lindsey Labrum began a journey where God revealed to her that in 2009 when she walked away from the prosperity gospel, name it and claim it faith, she had thrown away core God principles. She hadn't trusted God with miracles, prophecy or deliverance, and God shifted her to understand that there is much to be discovered about the Holy Spirit when we pull down and remove the barrier walls, which we had chosen to accept.

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