Unconventional Plug

Unconventional | un·​con·​ven·​tion·​al | : being out of the ordinary : supernatural | Plug | pləɡ | : to connect or become connected to

Come up higher!

Unconventional Plug

From encounters and real life supernatural stories to share, from visions to downloads and other wild events with God’s Spirit, I cannot wait to share them with you!


Are our dreams from God, what do they mean and why do they happen? Recording here only some of my own dreams and God interpretations.

Lindsey Labrum Blog

I write to discover how the Lord’s giftings fit inside of God’s plan, and I write to help you discover where your gifts can and should be used! I want to encourage all of us to hear God whisper Come up higher!

Chiefs vs Eagles, What is the Lord’s prophetic perspective?

PART 1 – THIS YEAR AND THIS GAME (Speaking gently, the following post is for the believer in Christ that comes with understanding of the spiritual realm and happenings. This post has not been prepared for persons reading it without the lenses given by way of Holy Spirit). — Kind regards. LL Bear with me,…

Rich Strike and the Kentucky Derby

Each year my family attend’s a Kentucky Derby party (hats and horses ) I wanted to share that I KNEW there was something prophetic in this race and I have watched it OVER-and-OVER-and-OVER. I want to share it to give you peace over the days ahead. Imagine being one with the Lord, as this jockey is one…

Hearing Holy Spirit: Drip Lines

The Lord says, Tell them to keep coming. Drawing to Me is VITAL. Drip lines are typically for the dying, but mine are for the near ones. The nearer you are the more I can pour into your veins. Those who do not come will grow dry in the spirit — because I am shortening…

Unconventional Plug Podcast

Far-out, real, eccentric stories that expose real supernatural happenings from the day to day. A Podcast where I share about being “plugged in” supernaturally, and to use the gift of the prophetic to encourage and edify the believers. (1 Cor 14:3-4)

There are many testimonies of sharing a word of knowledge, and it happened later prophetically!

Testimonies about telling others how God has answered their prayers, the very moment God delivered and revealed the answer.

God has given the interpretation of dreams and helped others understand God’s perspective.

*none of this is possible without The Holy Spirit! I, Lindsey, take ZERO credit, but point ALL THINGS to God who gives the call and request for obedience.
I simply desire to serve and continue to point to >>> HIM.