DRM: Dark Tornado

June 3, 2020 Demonic storms are brewing. I could see a black tornado in the distance and we drove closer. Multiple vehicles were in a black tornado and it was making them crash. I watch an elderly couple get their vehicle under a semi truck and I screamed so hard — as did Tyler. WeContinue reading “DRM: Dark Tornado”

Breakthrough: Way Maker, Miracle Worker, WHO is God?

I want you to tell you a MIRACLE story. God was moving in me, doing a new work in January when my mom invited me to #Awaken2020 I went with skepticism, but eager for less of my brain, less of my flesh, more of God’s Spirit… So we go, and my mom makes friends everywhereContinue reading “Breakthrough: Way Maker, Miracle Worker, WHO is God?”

DRM: Growing on a Bike

I left the house for some personal time, and I rode out down the driveway on my bike. As I rode down the street I approached a family of four and sped up around them. As I curved out and around them their daughter (age 10 or so) decided to come close to me. AsContinue reading “DRM: Growing on a Bike”