Lindsey Labrum – after a painful walking away from the prosperity gospel, “I threw the baby away with the bathwater.”

Since 2017 Lindsey began a journey where God revealed to her that in 2009 when she walked away from the prosperity gospel and name-it and claim-it faith, that she had thrown away with it, core God principles. She hadn’t trusted God with miracles, prophecy or deliverance, for quite some time. Until God shifted her to understand that there is much to be discovered about the Holy Spirit when we pull down the barrier walls we have put up and chosen to accept.

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Unconventional Plug Podcast

To keep her stories collected somewhere, Lindsey started a podcast in December 2019 called Unconventional Plug with hopes to reach somewhat of a New Age audience that has questions about a Supernatural God.

Writing, Blog

This blog was really a suggestion from Lindsey’s friend. This website was formed to record the experiences that God has given to Lindsey and a place for her to blog dreams and bring revelation.

Unconventional Plug YouTube

Lindsey’s brother Joshua had claimed that her stories were “remarkable” and that she was a great story teller and that these things should be recorded on video, thus Unconventional Plug YouTube was formed in January 2020


Lindsey is simply using this page as a servant of God. This page was followed up on as an act of obedience to the Lord for whoever would come to the page, the Lord would be able to minister through His Spirit to that person. May you find yourself on here with posts that encourage you greatly, in Jesus Name.

People often believe what they see from the surface story, that these people “look like” they have it all figured out. Trust me when I say, I know that we don’t. We have towed our baggage along a very lengthy, bumpy and curvy road. We have had heartbreaking and gut-wrenching moments that broke us right down to the foundational matters. “Jesus Christ was truly all we had left, and He was solid.” -Lindsey Labrum

Lindsey has been married to her husband Tyler for over 20 years, they have three children on Earth and one in Heaven.

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