DRM: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

June 18th, 2020 I went to a break-fast party with people that one of my old bosses knew and wanted to introduce me to clients and I was aware of with because they were among “who’s-who’s” of status, and I remember dishing a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal and I sat it down to myContinue reading “DRM: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal”

DRM: Dark Tornado

June 3, 2020 Demonic storms are brewing. I could see a black tornado in the distance and we drove closer. Multiple vehicles were in a black tornado and it was making them crash. I watch an elderly couple get their vehicle under a semi truck and I screamed so hard — as did Tyler. WeContinue reading “DRM: Dark Tornado”

DRM: Where is My Car

Dream by Guest Writer, Tyler L. Looking for my car. Somebody was there working at a storage unit place where my car (Scion FRS) is being stored… and I asked the guy and he gave me Mercedes keys, and I said “no,” then he handed me Toyota keys and I said “no…” and I saidContinue reading “DRM: Where is My Car”

DRM: My Dream Car

I was in the garage standing by the house, looking out – the view was towards a large opened garage door and the sky was a dark night.  Tyler was working on my car, fixing up a classic beauty Porsche Boxster 1956-57 beautiful silver… it was my dream car. On the left side of theContinue reading “DRM: My Dream Car”

DRM: Growing on a Bike

I left the house for some personal time, and I rode out down the driveway on my bike. As I rode down the street I approached a family of four and sped up around them. As I curved out and around them their daughter (age 10 or so) decided to come close to me. AsContinue reading “DRM: Growing on a Bike”

DRM: Save the Drowning

A Pool was full of people that were latched to the bottom of a pool and it began filling with water.  My business partner and I had to save them by writing. A clock was set to 8 hours left and it was counting down from 8 and it was all the time left toContinue reading “DRM: Save the Drowning”

DRM: Christmas Garage

My dad came to borrow something from our garage and we told him just to close it up when he left because we had somewhere to be. He left the garage unit opened on accident (forgetful) and someone robbed everything, all the tools we had in the garage.  All that was left was Christmas decorations.Continue reading “DRM: Christmas Garage”

DRM: Banquet Stuffing

I went to a dinner banquet at a Christian church and the dinner was being held in an auditorium. I ran into a man I knew that resembles “Conservative Christianity” as a figure in my life. He held a plate in his hands that was filled with food, and other people were sitting down andContinue reading “DRM: Banquet Stuffing”

DRM: Army Tractor

I was in an Army base with a ruler, was showing us these new tractor engines. The tractor was a CAT tractor but it had a very special John Deere engine.  I was given an army badge with a white 8 being filled in the background with green. (8 for new beginning blessings, and greenContinue reading “DRM: Army Tractor”