Rich Strike and the Kentucky Derby

Each year my family attend’s a Kentucky Derby party (hats 👒and horses 🐎) I wanted to share that I KNEW there was something prophetic in this race and I have watched it OVER-and-OVER-and-OVER. I want to share it to give you peace over the days ahead. Imagine being one with the Lord, as this jockey is one with his horse……

I have asked the Lord to reveal a thing. CHURCH, this is about your story…

He gave me some insights about the Color red representing the church (through another prophet)… but I wanted to ask the Lord to reveal more…

•the number 21 = 7+7+7 (God’s number)

•Jockey & horse are covered in blood red & white

•the Horse’s name is Rich Strike (strikes rich, only rich first… then strike)

•watch the horse from behind, then Bob-n-weave in between the packed crowd of horses. How we work our way into the unexpected places. 💛

•watch his speed and ease to maneuver from the very back

•listen to the commentary, he is watching all horses — but doesn’t SEE him until he is in 1st place 😆👏🏼👏🏼 church, this is what it will be when they are shocked — and the enemy didn’t see us comin’.

•The sportscaster is so so focused on “Epicenter” (the main hub, media, govt, the hype) that he is shocked. Epicenter loses by a long shot. Because of precision and speed.

•KNOW this too, the Jockey’s name is (Sonny Leon) or Son-Lion. (And it isn’t sunny, it is Sonny).

•this race made history, like Secretariat (who if you research — his Real name was, get this… RED!!!)

Published by Lindsey Labrum

About the website author: Since 2017 Lindsey Labrum began a journey where God revealed to her that in 2009 when she walked away from the prosperity gospel, name it and claim it faith, she had thrown away core God principles. She hadn't trusted God with miracles, prophecy or deliverance, and God shifted her to understand that there is much to be discovered about the Holy Spirit when we pull down and remove the barrier walls, which we had chosen to accept.

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