Hearing Holy Spirit: Drip Lines

The Lord says,

Tell them to keep coming.

Drawing to Me is VITAL.

Drip lines are typically for the dying, but mine are for the near ones. The nearer you are the more I can pour into your veins.

Those who do not come will grow dry in the spirit — because I am shortening supply of what I have been giving so that the real yearning in them comes forward.  (Vision of God slowly turning off a knob of supply for some in order to increase their thirst).

I am readying all that will choose to come closer.

So come.

The time is near.

The harvest needs to be attended to, but not by those who are without my fullness.

I want my cup within to overflow out of you.  Come to me and be filled, pour out from Me and watch what I am about to do! Many will be shocked, and My people will be asked about their sorcery and magic, as I make the crowds shocked and wonder — and My people whom I give to will ALL honor me, saying it has been done in My Name, because I am not going to give much more through teaching and tickling ears.  I want to reveal My power by My Spirit in the earth now… NOW, it is time! 

What I tell you to do I need you to act with urgency. There is no time to waste.

Go and get them, reveal who I am to the hungry and the needy.  Where are they you say?  They will come. Make way. I will lead them to you as you go out for them.

Ask for My help, Ask for My provision, Ask for My outpouring, Ask it in My name that I may do the thing they need.

Ready My nation, the United States, she is My nation, a sheep, and not a goat, for I have heard the cries of many to know that this ship that heads out to sea has been anchored because of prayer. She is still steady, tossed but steady and she waits for the next load of laborers.  I Am shouting “ALL ABOARD!”

Defined: The phrase “All aboard!” is said as a warning before departure, especially before a ship or train leaves. It means, in essence: haul your keister up here quick or you’ll be left behind!

The time is now, come unto Me and be quick.

Published by Lindsey Labrum

About the website author: Since 2017 Lindsey Labrum began a journey where God revealed to her that in 2009 when she walked away from the prosperity gospel, name it and claim it faith, she had thrown away core God principles. She hadn't trusted God with miracles, prophecy or deliverance, and God shifted her to understand that there is much to be discovered about the Holy Spirit when we pull down and remove the barrier walls, which we had chosen to accept.

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