Breakthrough: My Deliverance

December 16th 2020 (12/16/20)

The Lord began a work in me the day before on 12/15… I was on a call with Sa*** & Ra**** and I told her that my household was experiencing demonic warfare.  

Sa*** could see me waste deep walking against a heavy current of water, as she explained this I could see it… she said Love is going to be the answer, and immediately I could see that the waters were parted by this Love and there was a clear easy path.

I told Sa*** about how it was hard to give or receive love.  That my love wasn’t a soft love… and she said I see the Father sticking a key inside your heart and turning it, it opened up and He has got His hands working inside and He is working with reconnecting wiring.

Then she asked if I wanted to pray and I asked the Lord to reveal every one of my blindspots, and I gave them to Him, trusting Him and asking for true healing. She then saw my husband and I kneeling in a circle before Jesus, who was also down to His knees in front of us to be close with us, our heads were bowed to Him. And He encompassed the two of us with His arms. She said a cylinder of light is bearing down creating the encompassed circle you are all three in. The Lord developed a new compassion this very day.

So 12/16 now I go to prayer group, and I enter into that place telling the women that I almost wasn’t going to come because I had just had open heart surgery the day before — and I was still sore.  I remember Tr**** looking at me when I said it, wondering what I could possibly mean.  This work was a mystery even unto me — how could I be so sore physically from a Spiritual surgery?

During prayer night and worship, I worshiped the Lord, and as sore and uncomfortable I was, I had heard the Lord say I just want you to worship me. I felt like I was going to be done early that evening, I even saw myself walking out the door and going home.  I asked the Lord about leaving and He said I’m just wanting you to Worship me tonight stay, worship. 

Ka** had began a word about releasing our children to the Lord, and Kr***** compounded this prayer.  I said Lord I release my children to you. And He said “no you don’t,” you have a fist of control about how you think their life should go.  You don’t give me control.  *I went to my knees and I said Father I give them over to you, and I began to weep loudly.  Je***** put her hand on my back and began to pray fervently for me. I could not physically/spiritually set a release of this control and after moments of weeping & sobbing I opened my eyes to look at her and I said “I am unable to release this.” She said you have to let it go.

I changed posture — I laid down on my back right where I was on the tile floor.  And she prayed over me to release.  I began to feel the control release over as I cried and screamed out.

Then, Co***** had asked if she could put her hand on my stomach and began to physically/spiritually pull out the root of bitterness.  I felt it leave and exit my body as I screamed out and out with the pain — it was like pulling a knife out — so sore. But it too released. 

In the room I hear Ka** speak group, we need to surround Lindsey right now.  In the Spirit I saw myself laid out on a surgery table with a great light above me and I could see each one of these women in the Spirit an show they were interacting and working in tandem with the angels in that surgical room. 

The next thing that took place was Kr***** asked if they could put their hand on my stomach — but it was lower than the root of bitterness, it was at my womb.  Simultaneously someone over at the computer had asked, she wants to know if Lindsey, have you lost a baby, and I said yes… and as the room began to pray aloud in the Spirit that anguish and sorrow was releasing unto the Lord and someone spoke that they saw me holding my child and loving my child, and placing that child into the hands of God, and I witnessed that in the Spirit with my own eyes, and I wept and then released.

Je***** had mentioned a release of sin, and I asked the Lord to take my sin of Pride and religious righteousness — that I remain a humble servant of the Lord and He helped me.

See among these women working in tandem with the angels, that I am not extra special — but that we all have a purpose and are each His beloved.

There were many revelations given about heart surgery,  new heart, the breath of God breathing on me, New Life…. there were revelations of the angelic presence, the wind tunnel which we witnessed, and a volcano of different colors — which was the spewing of different painful releases I had undergone. 

Co***** suggested that we give a victory shout to the Lord, and we circled joining hands and shouted for this testimony of His victory.

After I received a new heart rewired, all roots of bitterness pulled out, a release of control- restored hope and trust, and a new mind… Co***** asked that she could pray for me aside, she had something to add.  She said the Lord wants me to pray to bless you, to pray a blessing that your womb would be fruitful. I said Co***** the strange thing is that I have had a hysterectomy and I’ve wondered if we are meant to adopt… she said whether it is a physical blessing of children or that He would bless you to be fruitful in the Spirit can I put my hand on your womb and pray for you? I said absolutely.  So she prayed and I received. Yes and Amen Lord.

Co***** mentioned that my neck was glowing when she had brought up my confession of the pride of sin — she said that it was brought into the light and lost its power… I was reminded that I had one thing I needed to confess to Je***** privately and so I went and did that.

Je***** and I, we found out are like twins in the Spirit.  Our giftings are so similar it would be creepy if it wasn’t God.  I confessed to her and all kinds of things came about.  Importantly though she told me to burry the box. I stomped my foot when she said it — and she and I looked at one another — because there was a stomping that other women had done that night and neither she or I had understanding of that revelation until that point.

I set to come home, leaving after talking with Je***** and Ka** and Je***** and I BOTH lost our car keys.  I said I never lose my keys, and she said neither did she it was comical.  I found mine first (remember the key in my heart from God beginning this surgery?) yes, I found my keys — and then Je***** found hers. We see You God.

I came home and the Lord positioned me on my living room floor.  I shoveled a hole right in the middle of my living room and I asked how deep do I dig Lord and He said keep going, until I dug 37 years deep, and I placed that box into a hole so deep I could see Hell at the bottom pit.  I opened the box and I placed every dead root inside and I dropped it down in the hole.  I buried that sucker deeeeep.  And I caved in all the dirt, and I stomped it and raised a praise unto the Lord, lifting my hands — and I stomped it once again for good measure! 

The Lord told me to wash my dirty burial hands, and I did, and ended the evening reading about Jesus the Vine. 

*This is a true and blessed testimony of Lindsey Labrum and a supernatural real-life surgery that happened both physically and spiritually. I am delivered and set Free by the blood of Jesus, and the power of my testimony. 

Published by Lindsey Labrum

About the website author: Since 2017 Lindsey Labrum began a journey where God revealed to her that in 2009 when she walked away from the prosperity gospel, name it and claim it faith, she had thrown away core God principles. She hadn't trusted God with miracles, prophecy or deliverance, and God shifted her to understand that there is much to be discovered about the Holy Spirit when we pull down and remove the barrier walls, which we had chosen to accept.

One thought on “Breakthrough: My Deliverance

  1. This is what deliverance is all about and is so needed for the healing of the body of Christ so we are able to truly be free. To be the Bride… To have the capacity to truly love the Lord Jesus because HE has set us free to Love and to Dance and enter into HIS REST!


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