DRM: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

June 18th, 2020

I went to a break-fast party with people that one of my old bosses knew and wanted to introduce me to clients and I was aware of with because they were among “who’s-who’s” of status, and I remember dishing a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal and I sat it down to my chair and I helped the kids get their food, went to grab a coffee, got caught in conversation with the host boasting about how he knew the “who’s who’s” and he was impressed. As he talked about who he had worked with, his friends booed him from cries back at the table like the superstars he worked with weren’t all that famous, they were just somewhat known rock stars back in the 80’s… and that was long ago.  I came back to sit at the table eventually and there were mere scraps of food left. I had spent all my time talking to him in the kitchen. Someone had eaten my entire bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal, it couldn’t have been my own family, for I had dished them each plenty. I go to Tyler in a panic for not getting food “did you take it?” What? Tyler said… “my oatmeal, it’s gone!” And I was on his chest nearly in tears. The food was gone and I didn’t get any.    

(In real life) That morning as I woke, the first part of my morning I just so “happened upon” a video the Lord put in front of me. It was an older woman with glasses and she was saying these words: “Martha, Martha, you are so busy preparing a table for me, but the time has now come for you to come and partake from the table which I have prepared for you!”

Later that same day, I had a text message sent to me (in real life) where God would reveal to me that I had choices that would need to be made.

INTERPRETATION: The Apple oatmeal represents a meal from God, as the apple of his eye, fruit of the Spirit.  And this man who is a producer, I spent all of my time talking to him. (As if I had a desire to impress, or make an impression). Main takeaway: What if God wanted me to sit among those who are hungry to partake? Am I working to impress man, or to sit in that which He has already made way for me to sit, and eat…

Lord, help my motives stay in step with your motives. Lord, help me sit at your table (and partake) instead of preparing my own (and forsake your meal).

Published by Lindsey Labrum

About the website author: Since 2017 Lindsey Labrum began a journey where God revealed to her that in 2009 when she walked away from the prosperity gospel, name it and claim it faith, she had thrown away core God principles. She hadn't trusted God with miracles, prophecy or deliverance, and God shifted her to understand that there is much to be discovered about the Holy Spirit when we pull down and remove the barrier walls, which we had chosen to accept.

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